What does omni-channel scheduling really look like?

With ScheduleHub, your customers can schedule to meet with any member of your team, in any branch, in any location, through any channel.



We’ve built an enterprise ready, highly scalable, flexible, secure system, that can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing eco-system.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Our scheduling tools enable your customers to book themselves to meet with your advisors at any location.

Provided through either a hosted microsite that can be integrated into your Web Site, a templated SDK that provides you all the necessary tools to connect and consume ScheduleHub’s service, or a rich set of API’s allowing full use of ScheduleHub, giving full capabilities to your designers and developers.

Agent Interfaces

Your retail staff are your front-line. We provide them the tools, such as a tablet-based interfaces, to manage the flow of customers in your stores. Such tools provide opportunity to book a customer to see an advisor, providing them a VIP experience to your brand.

Mobile App SDK

For iOS or Android, our SDK provides you with all the necessary tools to quickly and easily add appointment scheduling capability to your mobile app.

Self Service

Where walk-away’s can affect NPS, we provide self-service technology that can help capture customers who wish to transact, but don’t wish to wait.

Rather than a customer being put off by a busy store, allowing them to arrange a time they can see someone provides a powerful tool to prevent churn and provide opportunity for acquisition.


With our rich set of API’s you can enable B2C and B2B scheduling of appointments through your own business applications, such as CRM, ERP and Call Centre Platforms. Integration allows for simpler and faster scheduling, reduce keystrokes and mouse clicks, stops duplicate data and removes the risk of incorrect data entry.

Smart Integration Engine

Built for tight integration with staff scheduling systems, ensures your staff availability is always there for your customers.


Built for tight integration with staff scheduling systems, ensures your staff availability is always there for your customers.

Increase your bottom line through more upsell

Face to face appointments are proven tool to drive business, increasing the likelihood that a purchase will be made.

Reduce walk-aways

With a strong link to negative NPS and loss of sales, customers are most likely to abandon your store when there is a wait of more than 6 minutes.

Whilst reducing queues will reduce your walk-aways., that’s not always possible, particularly in challenging circumstances, such as you’re a staff member down and have an influx of lunchtime trade.

Self-Service technologies provide opportunity to capture your customers.

Efficiently acquire more customers

Efficient acquisition of “new-new” customers provides further optimal increase in sales. With an advanced agent availability engine that is tightly integrated with Workforce Management, you can be sure of having the right member of staff available for your new customers.

Improve Customer Experience, reduce churn and increase loyalty

Providing a premium level of service, your customers will be engaged with your brand from the start, being able to communicate their needs and who they are to your business, helping both sides prepare for the inevitable meeting.

Intelligent scheduling capabilities


Enabling customers to book an appointment to meet with your store staff.

Integrated arrival and queueing management 


For walk-ins and bookings… providing both concierge and self-service facilities.

Qualified outbound lead lists


Provided for retail staff to call their customers, with full integration to appointment scheduling.