Adobe Experience Cloud consists of the Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Advertising Cloud combined to provide a set of technologies to manage wide ranging customer interactions on one platform.

Within the Adobe Experience Cloud are platform tools and services providing integrated cohesion and solutions extensibility for content and data.

Adobe Experience Cloud consists of five functionally rich solutions spread across the Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Advertising Cloud. These solutions provide marketers with a set of technologies to manage a wide range of customer interactions all on one platform.
Each individual solution offers best in class functionality – see our description on these below.

C- Centric specialises in five of the Adobe Marketing Cloud and Analytics Cloud solutions seen below.

We can integrate these solutions into your existing environment and customise them to your particular needs – enabling you to deliver seamless, cross-channel automated marketing communications to your customers.

Adobe Campaign

Campaign provides functionality enabling the orchestration, launch and measurement of personalised cross-channel marketing campaigns to cause meaningful customer experiences.

Adobe Campaign has 6 main capabilities that help marketers do their work better. They are

  1. Integrated Customer Profile
  2. Targeted Segmentation
  3. Cross-Channel Campaign Orchestration
  4. Integrated Email and Mobile Design Capabilities
  5. Adobe Experience Cloud Integrations

These features are overlaid with Campaign Analysis and Reporting.

Integrated Customer Profile: allows you to manage your customers from a single location. You get a single accessible view of your customers and campaign interaction history made possible through the use of online and offline data sources and a consolidated data channels feature.

Targeted Segmentation: the ability to personalise experiences to each customer using targeted segmentation in Campaign is a key feature. Adobe Campaign Targeted Segmentation gives you the ability to create complex segmentation strategies in your cross-channel campaigns. Personalisation is critical to cross-channel campaigns and the heart of personalisation is the ability to segment and send targeted emails.

Adobe Segmented Targeting provides the ability to create test and control groups, align segments and perform personalisation at scale. There are inbuilt templates and workflows for targeted email personalisation.

Cross-Channel Campaign Orchestration: Campaign allows marketers to orchestrate messages in a single UI allowing for the creation and management of automated multi-channel campaigns. Campaign has a drag and drop interface, access to native email and mobile capabilities with a workflow.

Integrated Email and Mobile Design Capabilities: most organisations use different systems and more than one tool for their cross-channel strategy. This disparate approach in the real world creates problems which can hinder a single accessible profile and engender conflicting offers. To solve this Adobe Campaign has integrated mobile and email capabilities which helps with better opens, click-throughs and conversions and lower marketing costs. Also Included are the capabilities of personalised SMS and push notifications.

Adobe Experience Cloud Integrations: Adobe Campaign is fully integrated into other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. It is:

  • Integrated with Analytics for event triggers and KPI sharing
  • Contextual and dynamic content rendered upon email open
  • Combined advertising and marketing strategies
  • Connected email content authoring with digital asset and content management
  • Audience and segment enrichment for cross-channel marketing strategies
  • Audience and asset sharing across Adobe Experience Cloud solutions

According to Adobe, Campaign solves these business challenges:

  • Understanding customer behaviour across channels and devices
  • Attributing marketing performance across interactions
  • Enhancing customer engagement
  • Transforming marketing strategies and adapting the customer journey in real-time

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is used for creating digital websites. It consists of a Content Management System (CMS), Digital Asset Manage (DAM), enabling the centralisation of Assets in one single place to help you create, manage and deliver content, images, and videos to any device or screen. It has workflows management capabilities for automation of the web content creation and delivery experience and is fully integrated with the rest of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

AEM consists of five modules namely Sites, Assets, Mobile, Forms, and Communities.

Sites allows you to create digital experiences on all sizes of screens

Assets allow you to have all your digital assets in one accessible centralised place, from creation to delivery.

The Mobile module is a leading mobile apps offering platform that allows you to create, deliver and integrate mobile apps for devices.

Forms allows you to create Mobile-First forms and personalised correspondence.

AEM Communities allows you to integrate social media engagement into your customer journey. It helps companies to build facilitated consumer engagement using forums, blogs calendars, activity feeds, file sharing, ideation etc.

Adobe Experience Manager can help business solve key business challenges by providing these benefits:

  • Content Storage
  • Creative Cloud Integration
  • Intelligent Search
  • Tags and Metadata Management
  • Global Media Management
  • Video Management Platform
  • Content Personalisation
  • Media Analytics
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Adobe Target

Adobe Target provides manual and automated optimisation capabilities to determine targeted personalised experiences to different types of visitor population as they engage with your brand across digital channels.

For example, a commuter may view your brand content from their smartphone in the morning, then do the same whilst on their desktop at work and then receive an email which they download content from using a mobile app. The gap can also be bridged between mobile and internet-connected screens and devices by clicking through a store or airport kiosk or even receiving a personalised display within a cable box or gaming console.

Therefore, each of these digital interaction and touchpoints is an expression of your brand relationship with your customers, and the objective is to deliver the most satisfying, relevant personalised design, content and offers to provide the best brand experience for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Adobe Target delivers personalised content using swift guided testing and automation to determine the right personalised content at the right time in customer journey. It is based on what we know at each point of a unified progressive visitor profile as well as what we determine through testing A/B) or automation. Automated personalisation is done in real time using machine learning.


From basic testing to targeting to true segmentation and personalisation through:

  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Geo & Experience Targeting
  • Automated Personalisation
  • Targeted Recommendations
  • Email & Offsite Marketing Optimisation
  • Mobile Web & App Optimisation
  • Open Set of APIs
  • Internet-Connected Screen Optimisation
  • Experience Cloud Core Services Access

Adobe Target can help business solve key business challenges by providing these benefits:

  • Mitigating risk by failing fast: identifying what doesn’t work before broadly rolling it out
  • Scalable, secure and integrated platform to host and collaborate on data and content
  • Real time analytics and decision capability across channels
  • Optimisation to increase customer interaction, drive conversion, maximize brand experiences and deliver ROI
  • Ability to respond quickly to change: getting a clear view on impact of changing trends and how best to act
  • Making good use of time and money: focusing on the most effective creative and strategy for maximizing ROI and reducing cost
  • Encouraging Innovation: fearing change/ keeping a vanilla experience erodes performance over time

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager is a Data Management Platform (DMP).  A DMP enables the management and organisation of data, from both devices and channels.

First off let us define the three types of data that DMPs deal with:

1st Party Data: is data collected by you- your organisation. For example, CRM, POS, Mobile APP engagement, beacons, etc.

2nd Party Data: A partner’s 1st party data, e.g. data shared between a credit card company and a retailer.

3rd Party Data: aggregated data from other sources and can be purchased, e.g. data purchased from providers such as Acxiom, Alliant, C-Centric; spend-patterns, demographic data

Onboarding and data ingestion is a key fundamental element of having a fit-for-purpose DMP. Data ingestion and onboarding must be done correctly and follow best practice from the onset.

As a DMP, Audience Manager has three key functions:

  1. Data In: involves aggregation of 1st party data to build a unique customer profile without housing any Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  2. Audience Creation: this is when you can create audiences from groups of profiles, thereby developing a 360-degree customer profile. It has to do with the creation of audience segments.
  3. Data Out: activate your audiences by pushing segments to markets and enabling personalisation, e.g. through paid advertising or on-site experiences

Audience Manager has unmatched integrations with other Adobe solutions. Audience Manager can ingest data from solutions like Adobe Analytics and syndicate organised audience segments to a Demand Side Provider (DSP) like Media Optimizer, personalisation engine like Target, or the Experience Manager CMS.

Audience Manager Capabilities

  • Organise customers/users into segments
  • Enrich segments with 2nd and 3rd party data
  • Use identity management tools to solve cross device issues
  • Provide performance reporting at segment level
  • Activate segments at marketing destinations for personalisation and suppression etc

A DMP does not:

  • Store sensitive or PII data
  • Buy or report on advertising
  • Send email
  • Complete site or app performance reporting
  • Store creative assets

Here are five key Audience Manager Use Cases for any industry:

  1. Consolidate First-Party Data for Retargeting and Suppression
  2. Augment Audiences for Improved Personalisation
  3. Grow Reach with Lookalike Modelling
  4. Deliver Great Cross-Device Experiences
  5. Test and Optimise Audiences for Performance Improvements

Adobe Audience Manager can help business solve key business challenges by providing these benefits:

  • Better Conversion: based on site conversation rate
  • Improved Efficiency: based on cost per order
  • Increased Order size based on average order value

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics provides customisable reports and dashboards enabling organisations to view and act faster to more accessible and unlimited visitor information. It enables organisations to act on the entire customer journey using Analytics visualisations and workflows.

Adobe Analytics enables Advanced Segmentation, Ready to use Reporting and Purpose-built data integrations through pre-built APIs and drag and drop interfaces.

At a customer level, it allows for data discovery which is to do with identifying hidden customer behaviours and recognise patterns within data. It enables Customer Behaviour Analysis by analysing all your offline and online data at the customer level. It does Predictive Intelligence Marketing by predicting the likelihood of a customer completing an action.

Key Features

  • Reports & Analytics
  • Report Builder
  • Ad hoc Analysis
  • Flow Analysis
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Advanced Calculated Metrics
  • Analysis Workspace
  • Dashboards
  • Data Workbench
  • Audience Analytics
  • Attribution Analysis

Adobe Analytics can help business solve these business challenges:

  • Predictive Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Visualisations
  • Customer Churn Analysis
  • Real-Time Web Analytics
  • Enriched Audience Optimisations
  • Social Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Report Builder
  • Market Attribution
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Mobile Analytics

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