Unlock value from Zendesk tickets with predictive insight from every customer conversation. Predict outcomes from interactions. Optimise operations with early warnings of issues. Analyse the whole exchange using concepts not keywords.

PrediCX for Zendesk is an AI powered ticket tagging application which automatically tags Zendesk tickets by:





This granular insight enables action that corresponds to customer needs and the root cause of problems.

Improved efficiency through automation and workflow prioritisation enables better responses and higher customer satisfaction.

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Sentiment Analysis

With PrediCX for Zendesk, the AI driven Natural Language Processing – NLP – considers the entire conversation, not just the keywords.

This industry specific and trained machine learning model gives deeper and more accurate understanding of customer sentiment.

Text based on concepts gives very different results to keyword-based text. Sentiment analysis studies prove that concepts are able to yield predictive insight whereas keywords aren’t.

This difference between a keyword based approach versus a concept based approach is explored in a white paper: Concepts versus Keywords.

Sentiment Analysis performance needs to be precise and measure accuracy and qualitative differences in addition to quantitative.


Ticket Analysis

All Zendesk tickets are automatically analysed with PrediCX and prioritised for action.
Benefits for ticket allocation:

Critical support issues are escalated to the top of your Zendesk ticket queue

Tickets can be routed based on topic, issue, intent, sentiment or urgency

Allocate ticket prioritisation on team criteria and ability to respond

Retain customers by reducing churn through an improved customer experience

Immediate operational improvements seen by a contact centre handling thousands of tickets daily:

20% increase in customer satisfaction

5% reduction in contact volumes

25% efficiency increase in AHT

41% of contact shown to be avoidable

Reporting Analysis

PrediCX for Zendesk delivers accurate and granular business intelligence in easy-to-use reports.

Zendesk tickets are easy to deep dive for root cause analysis

Insight is significantly more accurate and granular than with manual tagging

Conversations can be interpreted to discover new trends in near real time

Integrate with your own BI or SQL or analyse using Zendesk Explore


How PrediCX for Zendesk Works


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