Your CX partner

Delivering successful customer engagement programmes is business critical. However, as customer numbers grow and big data volumes increase, you often seem to have less and less control.

We founded C-Centric in 2010 to help you meet this challenge head on. With intelligent data support at every stage C-Centric helps transform your customer contact activities.

What we do

Getting customer contact right is always hard. That’s why we’ve spent 20 years building a specialist team of key marketing, data analysis and technology skills that organisations need to deliver outbound success.

Whether it’s developing intelligent data strategies, sourcing campaign data, ensuring contact centre compliance, or simplifying the management of multiple outsourcers, C-Centric has the skills and solutions to transform your marketing data.

Our goal is to help you make the most of your critical data investment. That comes from optimising your activities at every stage of the process – from initial data mobilisation through to real-time campaign reporting and analysis.

When you’re spending millions on outbound campaigns you need results. Our intelligent Big Data driven campaigns enable you to hit targets, delivering the lowest CPAs and sales per hour – while always remaining fully compliant.

So if you’re looking for proven intelligent data expertise, in-depth industry knowledge and the latest outbound campaign management technologies, C-Centric is the smart choice. C-Centric lets you realise your marketing data vision – and take back control of your key customer acquisition and retention programmes.

Where we come from

C-Centric was formed in direct response to help major organisations deliver a more strategic and joined-up approach to marketing data management.

With a background in digital, marketing and contact centres, C-Centric was quick to recognise the requirement for smarter customer data management strategies. Today’s omnichannel world only serves to validate C-Centric’s early investment in intelligent data, and our commitment to helping organisations bring their digital and contact centre activities together.

We’ve recruited senior level professionals from leading digital, data, contact centre outsourcing and IT firms, and C-Centric now works with the UK’s largest organisations to drive successful outbound programmes.

And because we’re expert at managing the largest databases and operational contact centre networks, we can support the delivery of outbound campaigns with more precision than ever before.

Working with C-Centric

Helping the world’s largest brands develop and deliver award-winning outbound programmes starts with fantastic people who are our greatest asset.

We’re always looking for smart, passionate and innovative people to join our fast-growing team. If you’re interested in joining us and enabling a new generation of intelligent data-led campaigns for our customers, then look out for our currently open positions, or get in touch with us at