Data management is absolutely critical and dictates the spectrum of how these tools can perform.


Our services include:

  • Consultancy & placement of on-site specialists
  • Correct configuration of Audience manager & integration with other Cloud tools. Design of customer profiles & profile merge
  • Provide both deterministic and probabilistic identity capabilities. We use leading CDI (Customer Data Integration) functions as part of the identity resolution process.
  • Onboarding of off line, commercial and modelled data.
  • Integration  with external device graph platforms to extend identity resolution capabilities (e.g. Liveramp)
  • GDPR: C-Centric Adobe Experience Cloud services are General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. General Data Protection Regulation is a European Union (EU) law protecting on data protection and protecting the privacy of individuals with the EU and European Economic Areas (EEA). Our solutions use a Privacy by Design principle.
  • Data Governance: Ccentric works with you from the onset on data governance. We are also review your current governance processes and realign them in line with the needs of your organisation and best practices.We provide ID Management, validation and authentication policies for subject data identity, datasources and data destination controls, role-based controls, identity linkage controls and other GDPR compliance process governance for Audience Manager and Analytics data.

Download our white paper on Identity management – DMP tips and tricks.

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Adobe Overview

Adobe Experience Cloud consists of the Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Advertising Cloud combined to provide a set of technologies to manage customer interactions on one platform.


We provide resourcing for the implementation and management of your Adobe stack.

Case Studies

Single Customer Identity and Targeted Offer Management at a major Mobile Telco

More than 75% of all their Customer interactions are digital. There were 172m digital visits a month at that point and growing exponentially.

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