An omni-channel customer engagement platform that helps connect with your customers to increase acquisitions and upsell, improve loyalty, capture and convert walk-aways, uplift NPS and CSAT scores, and reduce cost through efficient customer journeys.

Appointment Scheduling


Intelligent scheduling capabilities enabling customers to book an appointment to meet with your store staff. User and Application Interfaces for your website, mobile app, in-store and call centre.

Queue Management


Integrated arrival and queueing management for walk-ins and bookings, providing both concierge and self-service facilities, as well as customer apps for monitoring queue position.

Local Retail Calling


Qualified outbound lead lists provided for retail staff to call their customers, with full integration to appointment scheduling to complete the aquision and retention lifecycle.

We at C-Centric are passionate about re-engineering customer-to-company interactions, connecting shoppers to real humans. We seek to bring about better journeys, better experiences, more acquisitions, better upsell and cross sell, in a more efficient manner.

That’s why we’ve created ScheduleHub, our advanced software engine that enables your organisation to rapidly implement, and scale personalised journey management capabilities to your business.

We’ve leveraged the latest that cloud technology has to offer, to provide omni-channel journey management capabilities such as Appointment Scheduling and Queue Management. We augment innovations and integrations, such as with workforce platforms, to add significant value to businesses looking to improve their bottom line and increase operational efficiencies.

Our channel-neutral approach is unique in the industry – a true customer-centric offering where shoppers can talk to real people, all of the time, regardless of where they start their journey.

All of course, accessible by our comprehensive API.

We’ve helped organisations maximise their sales through better connections with their customers.

• Increase customer acquisition and upsell

• Improve loyalty and reduce churn

• Capture walkaways and convert to sales

• Improve NPS, CSAT and other CX metrics

• Create more appointments using local retail advisors

• Scale to serve millions of customers

Better connections can really make the difference.