Have a DMP in place but still facing these issues?

Inefficient Customer Acquisition

High Marketing Spend Vs Benefits

High Acquisition Spend

High Conversion Costs

Limited Measurement

Organisational Silos

Fragmented Audience Strategy

Technology Stack with Limited Integration

How can we help you?

We are an independent consultancy who offer impartial expert advice on using DMP’s to realise maximum benefit for your organisation or clients.

We understand every DMP implementation is different

Over the last 5 years or so, DMP’s have become commonplace within the digital marketplace, however their rollouts have not been without challenges. Whether it has been difficult to consolidate disparate datasets, a lack of internal resource with the required knowledge and skillset, or a lack of vision to drive the maximum value from the new technology, every DMP implementation is different.

DMP Audit and Health Check

Whether you have recently installed your DMP and need help defining your roadmap and learning best practices, or maybe it is has been in place a number of years and would like to know if it is performing to its best capacity, our experienced DMP Consultants are able to conduct an Audit and Health Check to provide you with a detailed report of the findings.

We have experience of many different types of DMP implementations

Our team have experienced many different DMP implementations and no matter what your existing system is, we have the knowledge and expertise to audit your system and understand how well it is working for you.

How a DMP and CDP can be complementary

There are differences between DMPs and CDPs. They do not need to be competing technologies. They can complement each other in number of ways:

  • you can push your DMP data into a CDP to improve segmentation and improve response & conversion.
  • you can ingest your CDP data into your DMP to improve the accuracy of your look-alike audiences.

Considering a DMP purchase?

We can also help you if you are considering a DMP purchase and can help you with creating a business case, identifying requirements and choosing a vendor.

How does the audit work?

The Audit and Healthcheck is designed as a short-term, low-cost, high-value engagement.

The outputs are derived from meetings with key staff and reviews of your current DMP system and are generally delivered in the form of a written report which is presented back to the business.

Audit Output

As part of the audit, you will receive documented recommendations that will cover the following:

  • 30+ capabilities dimensions assessed
  • Consultant assessment through interview & data/systems review
  • Scores benchmarked against other DMP implementations
  • Gap analysis
  • Incremental revenue/margin and cost savings quantified
  • Recommendations documented
  • Prioritisation of actions by cost/benefit/speed/effort
  • Top 3 use cases for improvement proposed

Detailed assessment covering 30+ focus areas

What is covered during the audit?

Every business is different, and we believe for an audit to be useful it needs to tie directly in with your business goals.

Therefore C-Centric offer bespoke audits that typically cover the following type of areas based on your business objectives:

  • A review of the technical set-up of the DMP and its integration with associated systems
  • Identify areas to increase efficiencies (e.g. improved match rates/reach; look-alike modelling; suppressions; frequency caps; removing duplication; identity management)
  • Improve quality of personalisation onsite and in paid media
  • Identify opportunities to improve quality of targeting (e.g. audience strategy; data strategy – review of 1st/2nd/3rd party data; retargeting across channels; data onboarding)
  • How to maximise insight and analysis (e.g. understand audience behaviour/performance; attribution modelling)

Our service does not need to end once our audit has been completed. Our DMP team can support you deliver the recommended improvements.

No matter what level of support your business requires we have a range of consultants with different skillsets and experience that can work with you to suit your needs.

Results and Outcomes

Implementation of audit recommendations have provided clients results such as:

Improved click through rates by 200% via targeted audiences

65% cost savings through audience suppressions

Reduced cost per acquisition by 35%

Increased onsite conversion by 20%

44% higher open rates in targeted emails

Targeted digital advertising created 5% increase in sales via other channels (halo effect)

Improved attribution modelling as a result of centralizing data across channels

30% higher customer acquisition through personalised campaigns across touchpoints

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