Audience Data Management Services

C-Centric offer a suite of customer data solutions designed specifically for the requirements of online advertising professionals.

Options to target or exclude your existing customer or prospect lists are now a key feature of advertising platforms on Google, Facebook and Twitter. It has therefore never been more important for your online advertising department or agency to have immediate access to your customer data warehouse.

But, the complexity of segmenting and syncing large customer datasets is challenging in itself. Managing those datasets across multiple ad networks and campaigns creates real road blocks – jeopardising the success of your campaigns.

The C-Centric Audience Suite is a range of products backed by our highly experienced team of data specialists and developers. We have spent years processing large customer and prospect data sets for outbound marketing campaigns. Our range of products and services meets the needs of organisations facing the challenges of managing data in a GDPR compliant way for targeted digital advertising.

Our solutions…