PrediCX is an Artificial Intelligence platform which unlocks value from your contact centre interactions using predictive insight and automation across all channels.

As a result, customer experience and customer service are optimised:

CSat and NPS improved by up to 20%

Sales improvement by 15%

Churn reduced by 18%

Non-FCR reduced by 50%

AHT reduced by 25%

PrediCX can help you

Predict outcomes from interactions by using AI to discover insight from all channels.

Recommend actions to enhance profitability and customer experience.

Optimise operations with early warnings of agent issues, coaching requirements and quality assurance.

Fast track urgent enquiries or complaints and signpost customers to the best channel or resource available to them.

Analyse the whole interaction using concepts not keywords to understand customer feedback fully.

Report accurate, insightful analysis without pre-determined or overlooked feedback.

Automate the right things for your business: enhance chatbots, triage digital queries, automatically classify and assist agents.

PrediCX for Zendesk

PrediCX tags your Zendesk tickets by topic, sentiment, intent and urgency enabling you to automate and prioritise workflow.

With an AI driven NLP, Zendesk sentiment analysis looks at the entire customer conversation to gain deeper and more accurate understanding.

Tickets to Zendesk are automatically routed based on urgency and issue, topic, intent and sentiment. Incoming tickets are prioritised based on team criteria.

Root cause analysis deep dives give accurate and granular insight from AI powered ticket tagging. Business Intelligence and insights are easy to discover from customer conversations.

Watch PrediCX for Zendesk demo

Five AI tips to improve Zendesk workflow

PrediCX for Salesforce

Integration with Service Cloud allows for instant classification of incoming cases, presenting customer intent, vital information on the nature of contact, and customer sentiment.

PrediCX will uncover the main drivers behind non-FCR, long AHT, and poor customer satisfaction – simply ‘PrediCX your case’ when it comes in, and turn to the dashboard for detailed information on what topics and cases drive the worst customer experience.

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