Enhanced audience matching to utilise old and inaccurate customer records in your digital advertising.

Designed for clients with large volumes of customer data with incomplete or out of date mobile phone and email address records. Emails and mobile numbers are the most important elements of a customer profile when it comes to creating audiences on Facebook, Google & Twitter, without them its virtually impossible to create an audience. We have found that many large consumer businesses have old and outdated customer records where emails and mobile numbers have never been updated, or the data is so old it is highly unlikely to be accurate.

With c-Audience we utilise our proprietary database “Connections”– the largest single collection of UK customer data with mobile, land line and name & address, to take partial matches from your customer data and create up to date audience lists in Facebook, Google and Twitter. Often all we need is a name, landline or postal address to find an up to date email or mobile number and match that to a Facebook user ID for targeting in your Facebook Ads.


Do you have incomplete, out of date or inaccurate customer records that prevents you maximising the opportunity of custom audience matching.


We can take your partial records and provide complete and accurate address, phone and email data, fed directly into Facebook, Google or Twitter Ads.


Using our data universe of 30 million+ UK records.


Significantly increase the accuracy and match rate of your custom audiences on Facebook, Google and Twitter. This can be used for either customer targeting, customer suppression or campaign suppression.

Using c-Sync you can trigger updates to maximise re targeting for contract renewals, inbound non-converts & churn prevention.

Reduce wasted PPC spend & improve attribution on campaigns by suppressing campaign customer data from PPC.

Suppress existing customers from rich new acquisition campaigns.

Our difference

There is no other UK data company that can offer the same composition of data universe & matching software to support advertising audience management.

Real-world application

A UK home phone provider have millions of customer landlines but incomplete or inaccurate mobile phone or email address records, meaning their Facebook custom audiences only match a limited part of their customer database.

We run the clients entire customer database through our data universe, identifying incomplete or partial records and appending them with the most up to date information available on the customer.

We then feed this complete data to Facebook using C-Sync, so their custom audiences are not only far larger and more accurate but also synced automatically with the data warehouse.

The result is their ad agency always knows they’ve got the most complete and up to date custom audiences in their Facebook Ad accounts. And in Facebook Ads, more accurate data means more success.