Offering premium customer experiences, your store can be the branch of the future with a non-intrusive queue management system. With customers only willing to wait 6 minutes to see someone, can you afford not to?



We’ve built an enterprise ready, highly scalable, flexible, secure system, that can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing eco-system.


Arrival and store management tool for walk-ins and appointments.


Reduce your walk away’s by ensuring every customer can be seen.

Agent App

Empower your staff to seamlessly and invisibly register transactions.

Customer App

See your queue position in real time, and receive notifications when you’re next to be seen.


Built for tight integration with staff scheduling systems, ensures your staff availability is always there for your customers.

Reduce queues & empower your customers

No one likes queuing, least of all your customers. Queue management techniques such as virtual queueing have been around for some time, using physical tokens such as tickets to maintain a place in the queue. ScheduleHub provides the ability to decentralise the waiting experience by providing access to the queue through it’s “Customer Queue Position” capabilities.

Reduce walk-aways

With a strong link to negative NPS and loss of sales, customers are most likely to abandon your store when there is a wait of more than 6 minutes.

Whilst reducing queues will reduce your walk-aways., that’s not always possible, particularly in challenging circumstances, such as you’re a staff member down and have an influx of lunchtime trade.

Self-Service technologies provide opportunity to capture your customers.

Simple business rules

Manage both appointments and walk-ins with simple business rules, balancing priorities according to your sales demands.

Speed up sales

Speed up the throughput of sales with an organised store.

Intelligent scheduling capabilities


Enabling customers to book an appointment to meet with your store staff.

Integrated arrival and queueing management 


For walk-ins and bookings… providing both concierge and self-service facilities.

Qualified outbound lead lists


Provided for retail staff to call their customers, with full integration to appointment scheduling.